Our expertise

Innovating to ensure your success

Vêtements Cookshire is a leader in the clothing industry. Thanks to our resolute focus on innovation, we are experiencing strong growth and building an enviable reputation for excellence.

Our products meet the highest industry standards. While many businesses have pulled out of this activity sector, Vêtements Cookshire has counted on ongoing technological innovation, quality management, and human capital to ensure its viability and experience strong growth.

We distinguish ourselves by providing quick turnaround times without compromising the quality and competitiveness of our services. Get peace of mind by having your clothes manufactured and labelled under the same roof. We achieve excellence by being meticulous in managing our resources and bringing together all of the expertise inherent to the manufacturing process in one location. We encourage you to discover the different departments involved in the full manufacturing process to catch a glimpse of the professionalism and expertise that guide our operations, including:

Vêtements Cookshire is dedicated to the excellence of its products and the complete satisfaction of its clients.

Development of new products, adjustments to patterns, and design and manufacturing stages are performed in cooperation with our business partner Tristan.

A gauge of performance

Vêtement Cookshire combines all stages of the manufacturing process to optimize efficiency and maximize the benefits in terms of cost savings, turnaround time, and quality. The different departments work closely and in harmony under rigorous monitoring and management methods specific to each department. We care about performance, quality, and diligence to ensure the manufacturing process yields the maximum benefits that our clients expect. Each department can count on the expertise of its experienced employees, who stand out for their loyalty, pride, and reliability. To optimize the performance and efficiency of our employees, we rely on an ambitious technology enhancement program, which is supported by the acquisition of new state-of-the-art equipment on an ongoing basis.

In a single location, Vêtements Cookshire performs all stages of the manufacturing process, maximizing its efficiency through committed human resources, rigorous management, and remarkable technological innovation.